Great Southern Sustainable Living Festival
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The Previous Year’s 2018 Sustainable Living Festival was a huge success (2018’s program of events below)…….come get involved in the 2019 Sustainable Communities Festival on Saturday the 23rd March 2019 – the day’s program of events is shown above.

This Festival celebrates the diversity of our region and the many ways we can all make a difference: at home, at work, at play and, in the great out-doors.

The Festival shares local wisdom, gives voice to important issues, and demonstrates the Great Southern’s creative, innovative and diverse approach toward a bright sustainable future. The interest and willingness to get involved by people and organisations around the Great Southern has been immense and heart-warming.

The FESTIVAL PROGRAM covers a broad range of family-friendly activities, events and workshops, and additional opportunities with the Festival Launch, the Fair & Expo, South Coast Festival of Birds.

To the best of our knowledge, we believe this is the only truly regional based Sustainable Living Festival in Australia.

We are so proud of this region and the positive attitude of so many people, groups and organisations toward our precious natural environment and their willingness to do things a little differently.
We know that how we act locally will impact globally.

Together let’s make 2018 a bumper event!

The Green Skills Great Southern Sustainable Living Festival has its roots in the Sustainable Living Expo & Fair (link), which was held annually in Denmark WA from 2008 to 2014.

In 2015 the Expo & Fair re-located to the regional centre Albany, as a key event in the inaugural Great Southern Sustainable Living Festival, along with lots of other activities around the region including Denmark, Cranbrook, Ongerup, Kalgan, Bornholm and Katanning. In 2016 the Festival began to establish itself in the regional calendar.

In 2017 the Festival continued to attract attention and introduced a fabulous ‘Upcycled Laneway’ and an opportunity for visitors to have a say on their Green Screen hosted by Greenman Media.

In 2018 the opportunities expand again. And as participants you too become part of our shared sustainability story, learning, sharing and sowing seeds of your own

We look forward to seeing you around.
Yours Sincerely

The Festival Team